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A collection of my Fan Fiction I hope you enjoy it, REMEMBER we all like reviews! They are the life blood of a story and let the author know that their work is actually being read. If you would like to review for a certain fanfic, within each fanfic's page at the bottom is a link to submit a review.  If you are a fanfic author and would like your work on this site please use the submit link below. 

WARNING(S): You must be Over 17 or 18 to view some of these fanfics due to extreme Adult Content.


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Disobedience & Blood By: Niongi *Updated [6.17.10]*

Sir Integra is losing control of her trump card, Alucard. Something from the past is itching to be remembered, and Seras is becoming a true child of darkness.
HellSing - Rated: NC-17 - Status: In Progress - Pairing(s): Alucard/Seras - Warning(s): Lemon, Drama, Spank, Angst, BDSM

Return to Me By: Niongi

Iason loves his pet so much, he fetches him from the slums, but what if Riki doesn't want to be fetched? His Master forces him of course.
Ai no Kusabi - Rated: NC-17 -  Status: In Progress -Pairing(s): Iason/Riki - Warning(s): Lemon, Drama, Yaoi, Spank

The Last Heir: The Noble House of Black By: Niongi

The Son of Voldemort is slowly rising to power. The Last of all Pure blood families are given a new order, by their young Master. Give your heirs to the last heir of Voldemort, or perish. Which side would you choose?
Harry Potter - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: In Progress -Pairing(s): None - Warning(s): Lemon, Humor, Yaoi

I'll Make it Up to You By: Niongi

Inuyasha get's caught up in some demon slaying and forgets about Kagome. He figures out a way to make it up to her.
Inuyasha - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Complete -Pairing(s): Inu/Kag - Warning(s): Lemon, Humor

Shitsuren: Broken Hearts By: Niongi

Humans and demons live in different worlds. Demon's live for many years, and humans are not on this earth for very long. Can lust be the only thing a human and demon can have for each other? Or can there be an eternal love?
Inuyasha - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Complete -Pairing(s): Sess/Rin - Warning(s): Lemon, Drama, Romance

Trapped in Time By: Niongi

Lady Subaru and Silver Knight are the creator of "The World" but here comes the Page. Meanwhile in the reality their caretaker becomes obsessed with the mystery and revival of the two subjects now in a coma.
.hack//SIGN - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Haitus - Pairing(s): Silver Knight/Page - Warning(s): Lemon, Drama, Romance

The Lord and Ladies of the Western Lands By: Niongi

The Jewel had been used to give Kikyo her own soul, the Jewel used in a selfish manner returned to Kagome�s body tainted, making her unable to bear children. Sesshoumaru has a solution, but wait Ladies?
Inuyasha - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Haitus -Pairing(s): Sess/Kag - Warning(s): Lemon, Angst, Romance

Sorrowful Love By: Niongi

Love that can not be quenched must be filled with...something else...quench it with....Hate.
Inuyasha - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: In Progress - Pairing(s): Nara/Kik - Warning(s): Lemon, Angst

What if your not my someone just for me? By: Niongi

Chi and Hideki have continued living together for a year. Now a stormy night, and someone wants in but what's this? Run Chi the bad people are coming for you too.
Chobits - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Haitus -Pairing(s): Hideki/Chi - Warning(s): Lemon, Angst, Drama, Romance

The Hairbrush and the Terrible Tickle Attack By: Niongi

Kagome and Inuyasha on a warm spring day.
Inuyasha - Rated: G -   Status: Complete -Pairing(s): Inu/Kag - Warning(s): Fluffy [ONESHOT]

Rin Lies By: Niongi

Rin lies to Sesshoumaru, she faces the consequences, and later chapters are bit worse bit of lemon.
Inuyasha - Rated: NC-17 -   Status: Complete -Pairing(s) Sess/Rin - Warning(s): Spank, Lemon