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The first step to learning Japanese is to start with prononucation. I'm not going to have that here but you can pretty much go to YouTube and get how to sound it. This Japanese ABC Song is kinda cute!


This freeware progam is beyond awesome! Download the program and on the download page there are more instructions. I use this all the time for my Japanese class. :)

Download Files

Katakana Chart Doc
Hiragana Chart PDF
Japanese Opposites PDF

Reading Practice

In quiz format. See the charcters and type in the reading in Roomaji.

Drag and drop the hiragana its matching Romaji counterpart.

Hiragana memory game

Hiragana Flashcards

Drag the hiragana word to the picture

Stroke Order & Sound

Listening Practice

Listen to the sound and click on the correct hiragana character.

Go ahead an listen to these from Genki Japan site. All of thier video's on Japanese are really neat to get stuck in your head!
Genki Japan YouTube

Printable Practice Sheets

- Practice Sheet 01
- Practice Sheet 02
- Practice Sheet 03