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[2.2.12] Hello My friends :) Just an FYI of what I've been up to lately. Discovered tumbler, discovered that my Japanese II class is not as diffcult once I don't have a nagging, overbearing person, who monopolizes all my time because of his insecurites This guy not bothering me all the time is just awesome. I have so much time for all my actual work. That I get paid for. I've also expanded my personal portfolio though I am redesigning my website now. It's taking awhile for a certain coder to get on his shit, but granted I have not made him a theme yet for his site so that sits well. Not alot of people buying stationery for now, oh well I'll keep making it because, well I love it!
I still need to make some new layouts I made some to look at run over to to take a look.

[11.9.11] Let's see new layout, and revamping the site on a whole lots of aspects. Going to be revamping the entire site.

Another new layout, themed with lovely face and eyes. I love the earthy tones mixed in with the vibrant oranges and reds. I needed something with a bigger content area because of all the graphics, looks pretty cool too.

PNG - Avatar - Japanese

PNG- One new PNG featuring Mixed CG. PNG Section Reorganized.
Avatars - Five Avatar's Added- They are from the series, Bride of the Water God, .hack//SIGN, and a random picture of a frog sitting on a teacup.
Japanese Japanese Section revamped! Readded the Japanese>>English common anime and w ord dictionary. Added the Hirigana/Kanji for Colors, Days of the Week, Ect.

[06.16.10] Wow, I can't believe I've neglected this domain for that long. Well I have a piece of peanut butter toast and am updating all over the site. The most obvious of which is the new website layout. Snazzy right? My sister looked at the layout after I was finished and said it looked like a hentai website. Arigatou Onee-san, for pointing that out. Other then that I like the pinks and grays its very summerish. (Even though pink and pastels are associated with spring.) It's ok because all of the crape myrtle tree's are blooming in my neck of the woods.
Rest of the site I'm going to be updating the Japanese Archive in the next few days. Update all of the fanfiction, well my fanfiction if it's anyone elses I usually try and make sure it's complete. Anyway updates coming soon!
The Japanese Archive is for all you anime people and fanfiction writers. After many a request I am putting this part of my website back up. I am also including a few new sections, numbers, colors, days of the week. If you have suggestions on manga/anime saying that I do not have, please contact me, I'll be glad to link you if you can contribute. Please do not copy and paste all of my content into your website! Please view my Terms of Use page for more information.


Div/CSS Design's Added, and or Updated. Wow I went back through some of the web design's I've had sitting on the site and I couldn't be more disgusted by my very early work.
I even put up a new layout for the website, Nymphs and Stars. I absolutely adored the way this one turned out, especially since green is my favorite color. I have also decided after a few thoughts to scrap my Japanese Page. I might leave a few choice phrases/sentences but I don't feel as if enough people actually come on to this site and use them to really have them here.


What did I do you ask? Well I stood by the general theme of the original layout but I buffed and polished it to a perfectionist shiney! I hope everyone enjoys all the additions. Avatar Section 3 added in, button section two added


Holy Crap! I finally was able to get back! Those jerks at are crooks and I would never buy a website or anything from them again. As soon as you don't pay for a site they jerk it off for buying and go thru a company to scam you out of your money. I wanted to pick up my website again .com but they wanted to charge me 1000 U.S.D for it!! Now it's magically back up for 10.99 U.S.D a year? is the only place getting my services from now on because they are definitely fair and not just a troubleshooter on the other end.

[7.20.09] New Site Layout now up!  Avatars - A new froggy that's featured above, and from the Animes HellSing, Castlavania.  Layouts - All layouts have been uploaded, and fixed the error that was preventing some Lurkers from downloading.  Fanfiction - All fanfiction has been updated, all submissions were cancelled due to an error, so sorry about that guys, I've finally fixed the submission error so feel free to resubmit.

Enjoy they new content, Have a peachy day!

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